I was weaned on showbiz; an entertainer since the day I was born. My father was the front man for a successful 70’s rock band, and my mother was an artist. Starting as a dancer at the age of two, my earliest memories were of toddling around on stage in tiny tutus at dance recitals and putting on shows at home for my family and their very patient friends. My career as a professional dancer eventually evolved into modeling and acting.

I have been told that I am “Swan Lake on three espressos.” I can be the image of beauty and grace, yet there is always a boundless energy just beneath the surface. Like a first class flight attendant landing a crippled jet, I am the girl who can stay calm when everyone else is in turmoil. But there is definitely more to me than meets the eye. Peel back the layers and you’ll find someone who is sensitive, romantic and full of wonder.

I am a born and bred Atlantan who works as an actress, model, and writer. My powerful presence and perfectly polished look make me ideal for casting as a lawyer, detective, or doctor and I am equally at home being the curly-haired funny girl. I am the craziest sane girl you will ever meet.

As an actress, I have cut my teeth in film, television, and the stage. My film work includes The Derby Stallion, Good Time Max, Dumb and Dumberer, and Sweet Home Alabama. You may have seen me on television in spots for Motorola, Necessary Roughness, Second Generation Wayans and Jimmy Kimmel Live. My sense of comedic timing landed me the lead in the “Another Like You” music video for Hayes Carll.

My stage work includes Bachelorette by Leslie Headland at Pinch ‘N’ Ouch Theater for which Asher PR wrote, “Sarah Blackman as the bitter and beaten-by-life Regan gives a naturalistic and powerhouse performance.”

I am currently a staff writer for Hope For Women magazine. My writing has also been featured on House of Squirrels, 62nd Stories, and Ms. Love and Happiness. As a model, I have been featured in publications that include US Weekly, Jezebel Magazine, The Atlantan, The Atlantan Bride and for brands such as Vanity Fair Lingerie, Fruitwater, Sketchers, Tiffany’s, Heidi Elnora Bridal Couture, Coors Light, Pinup Girl Clothing, and countless others.