Fat Girl at Heart: Style Solutions

Fat Girl at Heart: Style Solutions

Style Solutions: 5 beauty trends to leave behind in 2015

It’s a new year and it should be a new you. The time has come to let go of some of the beauty trends that are no longer serving you and your fabulous self.

Say it with me, this year I resolve to let go of the following beauty trends…



1) Almond-Talon Nails.

If your talons could talk, they would hiss and squawk. They are over and they need to die. And speaking of death, those claws are dangerous. It’s a shocker that you haven’t gouged out your own eyes or sliced open your sweetheart when he asked for a back rub. Let’s take them down a notch and file to a nice soft oval shape. Gaga nails please exit stage right. No encore necessary.

2) Headband Braids.

Heidi braids are hiedi-ous! Lauren Conrad has moved on and you should too. Stop it already with the headband braids. If you want to look like a grown-up, a headband braid is not for you. It’s time to put those braids where they belong: on the back of your head. Opt for a classy, low braided ponytail or a loose, wispy braided bun instead.

3) Super Bronzed Skin

That gaudy glow has got to go! You are not that tan and everyone knows it. Let’s stop pretending like we just got back from the south of France with this amazing “natural” finish. There is no such thing as a perfect spray. Streaks, drips, and cracks give it away. So give it up you streaky freak and set your pale princess free!

4) Hair Extensions

Your ratty tatty rat-tail is fooling no one. It is time to take out those extensions, girl. Embrace your natural shorter style and really own it. Enjoy showcasing your true locks by giving your hair-do some texture and overall volume. Take off your topmost security blanket. Your scalp will thank you.

5) Highlighter Overkill

You know how you are looking like a glistening raccoon in those photos? Yeah, good thing for Instagram filters. Put the shiny white lotions, powders, and pencils away. Only if you have J-Lo lights and Beyonce fans on you do you require all that highlighter on your pretty face. A little dab’ll do ya, easy does it.


© Sarah Blackman 2015




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