Fat Girl at Heart: Summer Sartorial Sampling

Fat Girl at Heart: Summer Sartorial Sampling

Summer time is a fun time to play with bold fashions. Here are some samples to try out with reckless abandon, no censoring. Anyone can be a fashion ‘do’ with some variation of these hot summer trends.

Heavy Petaling – Summer is here and sweet florals live on. This secret garden is full of high fashion potential! A light colored pant with a floral top will make you pop! A pair of pretty printed pants will make you want to dance! Or you can go all out and rock a bold floral frock, a dress to impress! Whatever you choose, you simply can’t lose. Florals are fun, flattering, and fashionable.

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Chunky Monkey – Statement pieces are still king. Chunky pieces rule and dainty baubles drool! Don’t be afraid to layer big necklaces for a fearless fashion statement. Any basic ensemble can become a smash hit with an eye catching chunky necklace. The bigger the better, so go big or stay home!

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Cuffed Up – No restraints here, cuff yourself with coolness! Cuff bracelets are big this season, especially in a bright, bold gold. With a great pair of earrings and a giant cuff, or two, you will be looking like a fierce and fabulous you! Don’t be afraid to tap into your inner super-hero and double up on the cuff action. There is something very powerful about matching cuffs to set off an ensemble, especially a slinky little dress.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 1.46.01 PM

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Mayan Mini – A hint of a Mayan print peppered into any outfit can really captivate. These colorful Indian inspired prints look great with a black or white outfit. Using a solid base, layer on a scarf, a belt, or some Mayan inspired jewelry. Headscarves can be an unexpected twist and maxi dresses look great with neutral gladiator sandals and a cohesive colored cross body bag.

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